Alta Living




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Alta Living furniture store – Retail Concept Design.

Altalinea assigned STIRIXIS Group to deliver the architectural design, interior design and construction management of the new Alta Living store in Greece, which would be the flagship store of the brand in Athens to create strong customer engagement. The store features exquisite furniture, targeting people who want to decorate their house with sophisticated and original pieces of furniture.

The project

Altalinea is a home furniture company founded in 1990. It focuses on high quality, value for money and unique customer service. Altalinea started offering kitchen equipment and then, with the brand name Alta Living, started selling high-end furniture for every room of the house.

The main goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with a casual yet luxurious style, with emphasis to detail to create customer engagement. Therefore, we designed a space that will function as showroom for the furniture to be exposed. The chosen mood lighting simulates the environment of a museum, the visual merchandising was strategically selected to be illuminated, while leaving the remaining space with more subtle lighting, to achieve the desired contrast.

“Even though they could have simply taken up the implementation of the existing plans and designs they went on to make observations, analyses and alterations, all valid. And that’s the difference. I don’t know how many professionals have the attitude but also the capability to approach projects in that manner. The fact that in the process we have gotten to know each other personally on a friendly manner, but our relationship remains professional when we work together, is something that one rarely comes across.”

Prodromos ToufexisCEO, Alta Linea