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Going back-to-business, safely, efficiently and effectively!

3M Hellas shared its vision with STIRIXIS Group after COVID-19 to secure a safe workplace for both its employees and visitors of its HQ in Athens. In the context of Humans Matter, a fully customized service created in cooperation with GEPa leader in Occupational Health and Safety in Greece, STIRIXIS offered a sustainable solution to 3M in order to go back to business safely and effectively.   

The project

The procedure followed throughout the project was encompassed the collection of all the required information on operations and needs of the organization, the audit of the physical environment and the delivery of a gap analysis report with emphasis on proposed corrective actions based on selected Protocols. Upon approval of STIRIXIS proposals, budget and time frame for implementation, execution took place. 

More specifically, new circulation and flow of people was applied to maintain distance, new common places were designed to accommodate safely all occupants, meeting rooms were rearranged, partitions were used where needed. Moreover, environmental graphics were applied, photocell equipment such as disinfectants, soap dispensers, paper dispensers and covered bins was placed, and provision was made for testing areas at the entrances. 

Through this project, STIRIXIS Group, envisioned a safe and secure working environment for 3M, where all, can work effectively and efficiently, creating emergent values of prosperity for our society through high performance and active engagement and collaboration. 

At the handover of the project, a validation from GEP ensured that the works and supplies conform to the Health, Safety and Wellness protocols. 

“Having already cooperated in the past with STIRIXIS Group, it was an easy decision for us to seek for the help over COVID-19 situation. STIRIXIS adopted and applied its holistic approach to reconfigure our offices – this time – according to all the required safety measures, maintaining at the same time both our personnel’s functionality and efficiency, and our company’s unique identity. The multifaceted result was terrific and that’s why we want to thank them once again for their work. 3M Hellas has returned successfully back to business!”

Dimitris SkoutelasSourcing, Facilities & Services Supervisor of 3M Hellas