We bloomed Emergence into a high-quality wine tasting.

What do you do when your clients, whom you know for more than 22 years, are brilliant? You bring them in contact! You organize special events for them. And you make sure they interconnect, share, have fun and flourish all together. That’s what we, here at STIRIXIS Group, did and we will continue doing.

Emergence is the prosperity network exclusively designed for our clients, in order to create a micro-society of like-minded individuals who have proven themselves to thrive under the effort to make our society and business reality better. In order to start making this vision a reality, last week we organized the first, post-launch Emergence event at a historical place in the heart of Athens, where the first electric generator of the town is being hosted. We experienced a unique wine-tasting trip offered by our client and member of the Emergence network, Boutari company, its CEO, Mr. Konstantinos Boutaris, and their specialist oenologist, Mr. Tzachristas.

Wine tasting

The participants of the event enjoyed eight high-quality wines, learned about their origins, received special offers from the production company and, at the end of the event, they were given as a gift, a unique, experimental bottle of red wine. A traditional Greek cuisine dinner with dishes especially selected to perfectly accompany the warm, wine-bloomed atmosphere was offered.

Proceeding to more special surprises which we had planned for this outstanding event, another member of the Emergence network, ‘Kronos Exquisite Ice-creams’, generously offered some of the brand’s top ice-cream flavors, including one specifically created by a Boutari wine.

Many more events, special offers, and networking opportunities are coming, since we are working hard to create a bonded community of shared values.

Wine tasting

It will only be our pleasure to see our Emergence network growing, through the intensification of the members’ relationships, as well as through the addition of new members to this group of experienced, business, open-minded people.

Join Emergence, the prosperity network and let’s co-create a better tomorrow together! Find out how to become a member, here!

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