STIRIXIS Group as a keynote speaker at the Romanian Workplaces Management Forum!

STIRIXIS Group has been recognized several times for its strategic consulting and concept creation, receiving international awards. Nevertheless, one of the greatest honors is our current participation at the first Romanians Workplace Management Forum, organized in Bucharest by ROFMA, the Romanian Workplace & Facility Management Association.

On Tuesday, the 16th of April, our CEO, Mr. Alex Athanassoulas delivered a speech on the optimization of the workplaces and on the way in which such actions improve productivity, professionalism, engagement, leading to higher corporate performance and better results for the company. STIRIXIS Group approach to workplaces and office spaces design; based on wellness standards and brand values, we design offices that reinforce employee engagement and productivity, has been recognised and awarded globally.

The attendants of the Forum will be informed on the latest trends for reducing the functional costs of a modern business organisation by promoting innovation and creating an emerging value to the workplace. Speeded up procedures, better decision-making processes and overall growth of productivity constitute the areas in which ROFMA intends to emphasize by underlining the strategic significance of the proper work environment. The keynote speakers selected for the specific forum, constitute internationally recognised authorities from the business sector.

This is exactly what STIRIXIS Group’s team of experts pursues when realizing a project; the ultimate and holistic return on its client’s investment, through solutions that turn into a higher level of employee engagement and productivity output. Our clients receive practical strategic advice grounded on a clear understanding of the implementation and roll-out phases, but also our awarded executional, hands-on services such as customer experience design, architectural design and branding, all aligned and based on a profound understanding of the business context.

Find out how to attend the event here.


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