We made it. 2 Awards to be proud of!

This year, in our maiden participation at the 2018 Global Excellence Awards given by the highly acclaimed Acquisition International Magazine, our company stood side by side once again with the best in the business and was placed at the top, winning two more awards.

More specifically, we are thrilled to have received the award for the Most Outstanding Hospitality & Leisure Management Consultancy – 2018, as well as the award for the CEO Of the Year 2018 – Europe, which was claimed by our CEO, Alex Athanassoulas.

It is essential to mention that the two awards are welcomed as another recognition for STIRIXIS Group and its CEO as leaders in creating, designing, consulting, and managing business concepts globally in different industries.


The exceptional consulting services provided to the Hospitality Industry clients of STIRIXIS Group could not be omitted. The award highlights the quality, innovation, leadership and excellence of the company services to clients in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry, focusing on financial results and the consulting services offered on maximizing their return on investment. All these years, we have a proven track of our commitment to always conceive and realize relaxing and hospitable concepts for hotels and clubs and energizing experiences for sports centers.

The award presented to Mr. Athanassoulas recognizes his commitment for more than 20 years to innovation and systemic, out-of-the-box thinking, but also the testified impressive results and contribution of his advisory services in turn-around as well as concept growth and international development.


The 2018 Global Excellence Awards recognize and reward the firms and individuals whose commitment to sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way, not only in their own sector or industry but across the entire global corporate spectrum. All participants were assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including previous accolades won, company performance over a given period of time, influence within the industry, sector or region and client testimonials or recommendations.

Alex Athanassoulas said about both the awards: “STIRIXIS Group has now received more than 27 international awards in the last five years only. I am honoured to work together with such a great team of wonderful professionals and to help our clients face market challenges, build financial resilience and realize their dreams! STIRIXIS Group, through the experience, gained the last decades, indicates via all the projects realised that implements a holistic approach taking into consideration all the aspects for the business sustainability of the concept and its clients”. 





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