STIRIXIS Group’s Business Breakfast Series:
“Make your workspace really work for you”.

An inspiring Business Breakfast was successfully completed on Thursday, April 19th in Bucharest. The breakfast with the topic “Make your Workspace really work for you.” was organized by STIRIXIS Group, the internationally awarded strategy-through execution consultancy, and design firm, at the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest Hotel, at the heart of the city.

While enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest Hotel, managers, CEOs, business leaders, and journalists from several fields and industries gathered to follow the presentation of Alex Athanassoulas, President & CEO of STIRIXIS Group. Well known for his advisory capacity and his remarkable key-note speeches, Mr. Athanassoulas, presented new ways to create effective office designs, high-performance working environments, that lead to increased levels of productivity and employee efficiency while maximizing the profitability of your company.

STIRIXIS Group based on wellness standards and brand values designs offices that reinforce employee engagement and productivity, leading usually to driving sales higher. Many projects of the company have been internationally awarded for the strategic consulting services offered and executed to the architectural designs created and realised.

The presentation was followed by an interesting and fruitful Q&A session open to the floor, where all the attendees shared their queries and ideas, making it a fitting end to a productive morning. The team of experts in Romania handles and proactively realizes projects globally. From the office space design to a successful concept creation for a high level of retail experience, our holistic approach is incorporated into all decisions proposed and made, leaving our customers thrilled.

The series of Business Breakfasts realised by STIRIXIS Group, constitute an initiative by the company to bring together all business executives from different industries but with similar topics and aspects to consider, in order to create a network for fruitful and effective, results-oriented discussion.

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