The next day: A manual for going back-to-business,
safely, efficiently and effectively.  Act now!

In these unprecedented times, a positive change has also happened. We have come to re-evaluate what matters. As societies, as businesses, as families, as people. And it seems we all agree: Humans matter. Life and all the wonders we co-create while living, sharing, working, believing together. We envision a safe and secure working environment, where all, can work effectively and efficiently, creating emergent values of prosperity for our society through high performance and active engagement and collaboration.

HUMANS MATTER is a new, fully-customized tool, providing step-by-step guidance, design, implementation and validation of all actions required in order for organizations to go back-to-business safely and effectively. It is the result of a close collaboration between STIRIXIS Group and GEP Group, a leader in Occupational Health and Safety in Greece.

Who is this service important for?
COVID-19 legislation and directives affect all Workplaces, Offices, Retail, Hotels, Food Concepts, Entertainment etc. The service is addressed to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Human Resource and Facility Management professionals who are decision makers in making their workplaces safe and keep them operating and performing efficiently now and tomorrow.

How does it work?
Based on the current legislation and directives, we support all organizations to realise seamlessly all changes needed to go back-to-business. At the end of the process, a certification of compliance with the Health, Safety protocols is provided.

What are the services offered?
We follow six clear steps to ensure customization, success, compliance to protocol, and maximum Return on Investment.

  1. We start by collecting all the required information, business strategy, operations and needs of the organization.
  2. Our experienced team then performs audits and surveys the physical environment, its layout, as well as infrastructure and equipment.
  3. We then deliver a complete gap analysis report which includes all the proposed corrective changes to be made based on the selected Protocols.
  4. Once agreed, an initial budget and time-frame for implementation are created.  Design of all changes is completed.
  5. Upon approval, we pass to the phase of execution.  Tendering, supervision and Management of the implementation is provided to ensure the best cost-benefit balance.
  6. At the handover of the project, a validation ensures that the works and supplies conform to the Health, Safety and Wellness protocols.

But this is not the end! We stay next to you; we monitor, report, fine-tune and consult you in real-time to ensure the long-term success of the implemented changes.


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