‘Morning Food for our Youth’ to help the young generations progress!

Ever since Emergence was launched and STIRIXIS Group’s clients formed its Community, we have discussed, envisioned, and promised a number of targets and actions to be pursued under our prosperity network’s framework. We are now glad to be able to say that the ‘Morning Food for our Youth’ Breakfast, which was held at The Ecali Club on the 9th of May, constituted another impactful gathering of Emergence. Why? Because the Salad Days Program 2019 was launched!

We have a big thank you to address to all Emergers who attended this event and, of course, to our fascinating speakers, including representatives of diaNEOsis, of Campion School, and of ReGeneration.

Our Vice President, Mrs. Elena Athanassoulas – Kyrnassiou presented the Salad Days program and its vision; to offer to young, ambitious students the chance to find themselves in vivid, real-life offices and listen about modern organisations’ ways of operation and action plans. We hope that, in this way, these students, from 15 to 18 years old, will be led to more informed, life-shaping decisions with a smaller margin error.

Our speakers elaborated on the issues of the brain drain, the lack of proper career orientation at the school years, and the need for fair employment opportunities to young professionals. At the end of this enlightening event, we all engaged to a group discussion on the actions which can and should be designed and implemented to successfully address these phenomena.

Speaking of actions… many Emergers have already embraced the Salad Days initiative by opening their companies and offices to students whom they will host for informative, business-oriented workshops. So, with excitement, we now ask you all to, please, contact us (+30 210 6138312) in case you have in mind any student from 15 to 18 years old (still underaged), who is interested in participating to our program!

Let’s create together memorable experiences and build new, meaningful, and fruitful business relationships. Let’s co-create a better tomorrow.

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