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An optimistic and inspirational event took place at The Ecali Club on Thursday, June 21st. STIRIXIS Group officially launched Emergence, a professional network which brings the company’s clients close to each other and gives to each one of them free access to a society of like-minded individuals that unite for the betterment of the society. In STIRIXIS Group we are convinced that together we can achieve so much more for the benefit of the society and -by extension- ours and the next generations’ future.

While enjoying the beautiful hospitality of the Ecali Club, friends of STIRIXIS Group, managers, CEOs, and business leaders from several fields and industries gathered to follow the presentations of Alex Athanassoulas and Elena Athanassoulas-Kyrnassiou.

During their presentations, both Alex and Elena described with clarity the business innovation, the collaboration platform created and the four main pillars of our new service offered exclusively to our clients. These are the following:

      Interconnectedness: Actively promote business innovation, build up on the effective and efficient collaboration between members, create opportunities and truly support their fruition.

     Sharing: Collect, curate and re-distribute, through a collaboration platform, valuable and innovative business content which will prompt all members to learn, advance and be better prepared for the future to come.

: Create memorable, meaningful experiences through an array of events and happenings for all members and their families.

  Prosperity: Design, organize and facilitate member programs which provide insights, knowledge and business to the future generations.


Except for the physical interaction, the clients will also have a digital collaboration platform for communication, in a designated area on our website, through a unique username and password given to them.

As Alex and Elena pointed out: “the creation of this society aims for a close collaboration in order to act as a catalyst for the betterment of our society”.

Apart from the inspirational presentation and the gastronomic experience that our clients enjoyed, an album specially designed and dedicated to the launch of Emergence, was offered as a gift to them.

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