Emergence events – Emergence experiences III.

Emergence is all about STIRIXIS Group and STIRIXIS Exclusive’s clients and our hope to create a prosperous society through the interaction of like-minded people in a well-nurtured environment. In this context, we organised an artistic pita-cutting to celebrate the new year, together, as a unified, strong group of hundreds of top-level business people.

A private guided tour was arranged at one of the most outstanding painting exhibitions currently hosted in Greece and, then, we all gathered at the Café of the Museum to interact and compete for the lucky New Year’s coin!

Tempted to become an Εmerger? A client of STIRIXIS Group, hence a valuable piece of its prosperity network? Hurry up because more than 200 business allies are waiting for you to discuss, collaborate, and influence each other, as well as the society in total.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s create together memorable experiences and build new, meaningful, and fruitful business relationships. Let’s co-create a better tomorrow.

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Emergence events – Emergence experiences II.



Launching Emergence – The prosperity network of STIRIXIS Group.


Wine tasting

Wine Tasting with Emergence