Emergence events – Emergence experiences.

Well.. we cannot share too much info on our private events with you, since you are not (yet!) a client of STIRIXIS Group or STIRIXIS Exclusive. But what we can definitely share is that on Wednesday, 12th of December 2018, at The Ecali Club, a group of common-minded individuals enjoyed a delicious American-style buffet and a majorly interesting conversation on the challenges set to modern business organizations by the technological progress, in the framework of the “Eggs Benedict, Pancakes and Newspapers” Breakfast organized by STIRIXIS Group.

Tempted to become an Εmerger? A client of STIRIXIS Group, hence a valuable piece of its prosperity network? Hurry up because more than 200 business allies are waiting for you to discuss, collaborate, and influence each other, as well as the society in total.

Which is our part? We enable and reinforce such promising and fun interaction through the conditions we nurture, both online, via the private platform hosted on our official website exclusively for our clients, and in real life, via meetings and events, examples of which you can find below!

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s create together memorable experiences and build new, meaningful, and fruitful business relationships. Let’s co-create a better tomorrow.

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Emergence events – Emergence experiences III.



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