A Program to help the Young Generations Progress!

We have already communicated to the visitors of our website Emergence, the prosperity Network of STIRIXIS Group, exclusively designed for our clients. The values set, the number of collaborators achieved, and the actions implemented are regularly hosted here! Now, we are particularly proud and happy to inform you about a new program we launch; the Salad Days!

Under our stated vision, to enhance the virtues of collaboration and prosperity within our society, we felt the need to offer back to the new generations by equipping young students, from 15 to 18 years old, with on-site business experience, rare to find at these life-shaping ages.

To achieve this dream, we set in motion the strong bonds we share with flourishing business organisations and we have structured a training program during which the participants will be guided through the operations of the working environment hosting them, experiencing the pace and the vivid atmosphere of a modern company, while learning practical aspects of areas of their interest.

There is nothing more hopeful and inspiring than assisting the youngest ones in making informed, well-thought decisions for their future and we do believe that the Salad Days Program constitutes a tool powerful enough to do the following.

To educate the falsified points of view that students may have shaped without having found themselves within a company, as well as to reinforce the correct tendencies. We will keep you posted about the progress of this effort and its outcomes!

Being a client of STIRIXIS Group / STIRIXIS Exclusive constitutes an automatic access to Emergence, where refreshing events and prosperous actions take place!

Join us now and join our network of collaborators, where hundreds of allies are looking forward to meeting you.

Let’s create together memorable experiences and build new, meaningful, and fruitful business relationships. Let’s co-create a better tomorrow.

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