Good concepts do not live or die, they evolve.

Our partnership with Modern Oman Bakery did just that!

Our journey with Modern Oman Bakery started back in 2020, when one of our most favorite clients, The Switz Group, wanted to re-design and re-launch their retail concept.

Modern Oman Bakery was one of the oldest bakeries in Oman, with 17 retail stores in the region, already holding a leading position in the market, especially within the bread offering. In order to modernize and create a clear proposition for the chain we re-defined their strategy to a concrete positioning of celebration, cakes, and specialty bakery goods.

We collaborated closely with the MOB management team to reposition the brand in the market, reconnect it to its customer base and expand it with a rejuvenated mindset and design. Our goal was to produce real long-lasting value for the business. To create a concept that enkindles all senses and brings into being a unique experience: one that leaves the customer feeling satisfied… yet wanting more! The result was a new visually impressive and attractive store that allows the products to truly shine.

Our holistic approach and commitment to innovation now brought us to London, for the 2022 International Property Awards. We are thrilled to say that our team was awarded with the Best Retail Interior in Arabia for this project. A very warm thank you to the Switz Group and the MOB team for trusting us to deliver their vision and we are looking forward to creating more meaningful, prosperous projects with you!