“Prosperity for your concept, sustainable profitability and loyal customers.”

“We have studied, analysed and designed Successful business concepts for more than 20 years and in 3 continents. If I had to find one key parameter however that would be concept consistency, completeness.  You see each concept consist of a thousand elements, all your different products and all your different services. Customer service, voices and scripts, your branding, signage, lights, textures, visuals. But also elements that work in a subconscious level, ease of navigation, scents, music, your storytelling. The key to success lies in identifying all these elements and designing them in details so that they are all aligned to produce the same perception, the same image of your brand, the same memorable experience.

This is what we do so well as STIRIXIS Group. Based on our unique Systems Thinking philosophy, we fine tune all concept elements to reach a perfect concept consistency, a true concept completeness. And then, as we say in systems thinking, we harvest the Emergent Values that this alignment produces. Prosperity for your concept,
sustainable profitability and loyal customers…”

Alex Athanassoulas, President & CEO of STIRIXIS Group

Alex on Design and RoI.



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“Make your customers fall in love with your Brand” Breakfast.