STIRIXIS Group won two awards at this year’s European Property Awards 2017-2018.

This October, at the European Property Awards in London, our company stood side by side once again with the best in the business and was placed at the top, winning two awards in the office interior design Category.

For our “Perrigo Offices” project we were awarded the top honour, a Five-Star award for the office interior design in Greece. This was a very demanding project that required perfect coordination as it included the relocation, design, and renovation for the pharmaceutical leader’s new Athens HQ. We scored perfectly on all fronts, always respecting the customer’s budget and timeframe, with the final result being a perfect example of the quality of work we are all committed to.

But this was not all! We were also awarded in the category of Interior design for our “Bizerba Hellas Offices & Showrooms” project. Much larger in scale and scope, this project was further complicated by the fact that the concept had to be simultaneously implemented in three different locations in Greece. Bizerba’s long history and values, inspired the whole concept and were incorporated into our designs both for the offices and showroom design, giving both visitors and employees a taste of the impressive evolution and progress of this unique company.

Both awards were received at the glamorous Gala from our Marketing Director, Ms. Niovi Pontillo.

Two new awards for office interior design
Strixis Group received two new awards for our work in office interior design
Two new European propertyawards

Alex Athanassoulas, President and CEO of STIRIXIS Group, commented on our win:
“We are honoured by the awards received from the prestigious International Property Awards, for the office interior designs and showroom design for our clients. The trust of clients such as Perrigo  Pharmaceutical and Bizerba, both leaders in their industries, is already a recognition for us. The awards are an acknowledgement that what we so uniquely do, is recognized and appreciated by the whole world.

I am grateful to all our team members, our experts who work hard for our vision of creating a better, more efficient, and prosperous business world. I am also delighted that our Systems Thinking approach in creating and optimizing concepts, proves once again its effectiveness. These prestigious awards give us more energy and determination to work closely with our clients to achieve even greater results for them in the years to come.”

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