Our Strategy Services ensure the long-term success of your investment.

Every successful concept starts with a systemic, well-thought and well-planned strategy. We have a proven track record in laying all necessary groundwork for every project – financial or functional – and then building upon that foundation to maximize your return on investment.

Strategy Services:

Business plan
Feasibility study
Brand strategy
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Brand Operations manuals
Roll-out Strategy
Locations Analysis & Asset evaluations
International Development Strategy

Strategically designed concepts ensure the long-term success of your investment. We work closely with you from the first step, performing all required research and finalizing your business plan to successfully develop and roll out the commercial concept.

We have studied, analysed and designed successful business concepts for more than 20 years across 3 continents. Customer service, voices and scripts, your branding, signage, lights, textures, visuals. But also elements that work in a subconscious level, ease of navigation, scents, music, your storytelling. The key to success lies in identifying all these elements and designing them in details so they are all aligned to produce the same perception, the same image of your brand, the same memorable experience.

This is what we do so well as STIRIXIS Group.

See how we managed to turn, to some of our clients, their business idea into their ideal business.

Delivering More. That’s our promise. That’s our passion. Since 1996.

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