First Forum by the Hellenic Romanian
Chamber of Commerce.

STIRIXIS Group participated in the First Hellenic Forum on Real Estate, Constructions, Materials and Service organized by the Hellenic Romanian Chamber of Commerce. The event took place in Bucharest on June 13th and focused on the status and future Romanian Market which our company entered back in 2011, with a branch office operating there since 2008.

During the Q&A section of the event, our President and CEO Mr. Alex Athanassoulas outlined his insight concerning the future of retail in the Romanian market, explaining that there will soon be a transition towards “high-street retail” from mall-retail, which presently is the prevalent form of retail in Romania.

Additionally, he presented the opportunities that lie in such a market but also the other key elements, such as the appearance of foreign players, that will have an important role in the near future. In closing, he described the Romanian economy as an important market that investors and businessmen alike should pay more attention to.

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