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For the construction of the Samsung sitting area in the departure gates of Athens International Airport, Greece’s busiest airport, STIRIXIS Group based its unique design on strong strategic pillars in respect to the famous brand’s image and values, while being creative in designing and delivering through an impeccable project management, a memorable experience for commuters.

Assigned to us by Solid Havas, the leading advertising agency, we delivered turnkey a project of exceptionally high specifications and demanding functional needs as well as of immense importance as a touchpoint and brand experience for an airport with more than 20 million visitors annually.

Samsung, the world tech leader, displays at the area its cutting-edge curved QLED technology as well as the new series of mobile phones, tablets, and their accessories. This aesthetic touch served as our starting point for our design, eventually integrating the theme of “curvature” in every element found in the sitting area. Every aspect of the design is carefully planned to integrate Samsung’s brand identity and prestige, from the shape of the various elements, up to the choice of materials. Strategically located to attract both passers-by and those who wish to sit down, the exhibit area is located in the center of the stand with two long Samsung product displays on each side. The sitting area is placed on the 2 ends of the stand, where attractive custom-made wooden benches designed to echo the curvature of the displays, are paired with the latest QLED Samsung products of Samsung. Each seat at the sitting area is equipped with a USB and socket charging outlet, so travelers can easily charge their devices as they revel in the Samsung experience.

The end result is an inviting, comfortable, and functional area that combines the aesthetics of a retail space with those of a leisure area. The stand is now operational and has been received with enthusiasm from travelers. Don’t miss the chance to visit the sitting area and revel the Samsung experience.

Insiders Perspective

STIRIXIS Group created a new concept for Samsung at the Athens International Airport. The brand identity and philosophy of the brand were exploited while responding to the high level of the brand’s positioning. Running on a tight schedule, start to finish, the project took only a few weeks to be completed. The project was demanding regarding the concept execution, as it should be realised under strict regulations and time schedule. The project management team of experts responded holistically to the case, taking into consideration all restrictions set.

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