A renovation is always a good idea! STIRIXIS Group believes that every concept, with a systemic, well-thought and well-planned strategy a long-term success is ensured in your investment. We work closely with our client to define, design, deliver and manage successful, holistic business concepts globally, in Retail, F&B, Hospitality, Workspace, and Leisure industries. But we don’t stop there! We manage and we give our clients practical strategic advice to maximize their business concept.

Redesign Retail Services:


We give importance to DESIGN! Lines. Color. Light. Sound. Scent. Concepts need to be effectively translated into a wide range of technical and sensorial elements, well-aligned to be impressive, attractive and successful. We carefully design, manage, tweak and align these details to ensure their emergent value will leave your customers enthused,
engaged and enthralled.


The next step is EXECUTION! Flawless implementation plays a very important role in the success of your project. It is also that phase where the highest expenditure occurs. Everything should be well-planned and rehearsed. But don’t worry, with our vast experience gained all these years, we do more than delivering a well-finished job on time, we deliver you an excellent and flawless result.


HOWEVER, as we mentioned above, our work doesn’t end at the ribbon cutting! Our project evolution services ensure that your concept remains up-to-date, relevant to your market and profitable. We take feedback, analyse results, follow trends, search for best practices and work proactively to optimize your concept.

This is what we do so well at STIRIXIS Group.

See how we managed to turn, to some of our clients, their business idea into their ideal business.

Delivering More. That’s our promise. That’s our passion. Since 1996.

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