STIRIXIS Group designed & delivered Nova’s new concept stores.
First store opened, more to come…

Last Thursday 19 October was a day of celebration. STIRIXIS Group’s retail concept for NOVA’s chain of stores, one of the country’s biggest media conglomerates, was unveiled with great success.

The event marked the first step towards NOVA’s stores new and updated retail identity, designed and implemented by our award-winning team of strategists, designers, architects, and project managers.

The holistic approach espoused by STIRIXIS Group ensures that the concept is delivered with every touch point covered, every detail looked after, with all aspects of the retail experience aligned towards increasing the company’s RoI, while at the same time being adaptable for implementation to the rest of the network. Both teams came together to enjoy a job well done, accompanied with music, food, over 300 friendly faces smiling everywhere, and lots of positive attitude. We would like to thank NOVA for a wonderful night and wish our newest friends and
collaborators good fortune and long life.

STIRIXIS Group. Imagine More.

One more Award for STIRIXIS Group.


STIRIXIS Group at the Seven Star Awards.