A Special Showroom for Tiles.

STIRIXIS Group was assigned the architecture design and construction management of Kypriotis’ new building of 3,240m2. The property consists of 3 floors of showroom and utility facilities, as well as 2 floors for visitor parking and storage space.

The company’s objective was to best promote its product range in a comfortable environment. We proposed a business strategy and concept design that offered an exceptional customer experience. The central architectural idea was the amphitheatrical view with the customer as the central point of reference. This way the visitor has a clear perspective of the entire space when entering each floor.

The products are presented in a vibrant and original way. A dynamic element of the architecture design is the impressive staircase with metal railings and glass presses which created a central patio. The combination of all elements in the concept, created a harmonious result.

With STIRIXIS Group we began our five-year partnership, at first as their suppliers for the private projects they worked on (offices, stores, and residencies). The result went beyond our expectation. It speaks for itself. We had, during the whole process of design and implementation within the construction management, the chance to live through a thoroughly professional relationship with all the staff of STIRIXIS Group.

George Kypriotis, CEO, Kypriotis Tiles-Sanitary Ware

3M Hellas Showroom.


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