Daikin’s Blue Dealer+ design strategy store at Tripoli.

This time, Daikin’s new Blue Dealer Plus store is at Tripoli!
Daikin HELLAS trusted one more time STIRIXIS Group for the retail concept optimization; the design strategy, brand identity design, and architectural design were some of the services offered.

The collaboration with Daikin Hellas and STIRIXIS Group started some months earlier, as the company wanted to find a concept that would follow the design strategy agreed, for the “Blue Dealer+” store concepts.

After the creation of the first store in Piraeus, the concept is adopted by the different dealers of its network; all the strategic analysis, feasibility study, branding solutions decided and delivered by STIRIXIS Group are put in practice and followed closely.

The store design, decoration, the pieces of furniture, the visual merchandising even the lighting and the colours of the new Blue Dealer Plus store, designed by STIRIXIS Group enhance the best customer experience, strengthening the customer engagement that makes the clients feel welcome, shopping to this functional retail store.

Regarding the needs of the specific projects, the concept created has to be complete, but also customizable depending on the different dealer level, offering nevertheless a unique retail experience. Additionally, the new concept is designed to satisfy the needs of the brand’s two different target groups, as derived from the strategic analysis made; professionals (B2B, architects, small to medium construction companies, small businesses) – and end customers (B2C, mostly residential customers), that both visit the store with different needs to be served.

Design strategy leads to a successful retail concept
Daikin's successful retail concept
Daikin's optimized brand identity design

Many stores of the branch with the same design strategy will follow within the next months, creating a unified and recognizable retail store concept with the specific brand identity design used. Finally, some last details are further elaborated for the retail concept optimization, leading to the maximization of the return of the investment.

Daikin BD+: New retail concept store @Kallithea!


Enel Flagship Store.


Strategic Design for the network of Daikin in Greece.