We increase your profitability by Designing Offices.

STIRIXIS Group designs and delivers workspaces that reflect your values. We combine harmonically your vision with the needs and wants of the users and its visitors.

 We have created award-winning design offices on three continents with the help of Systems thinking approach. Our motto is that “Workspaces should really work for you”.

Lines. Color. Light. Sound. Scent. Big concepts need to be effectively translated into a wide range of technical and sensorial elements, well-aligned to be impressive, attractive and successful. We carefully design, manage, tweak these details to ensure their emergent value will leave your customers enthused, engaged, and enthralled.

Our Design Services:

Architectural & Interior Design
Functionality & Operations Design
Branding & Graphic Design
Memorable Customer Experience Design
Sensorial Marketing
Corporate & Brand Identity Manual

Functionality is one of the main objectives when designing spaces; From meeting rooms to relaxation, brainstorming or even playrooms.
Emphasis is always given on the user’s experience, with employee’s health, safety and wellness always taken into consideration. We control the noise, ensuring the optimum level of sound insulation. Colours are strategically chosen to provide a relaxing environment for the employees. Lighting is well analysed responding to the needs of each case. Scent and temperature are also deeply considered in our architectural design development.
We keep costs within budget and fully respect time plans. In our projects, we always seek to maximize Return on Investment for our clients. We create branded workspaces that boost engagement, increase productivity and bring happiness to their people.

This is what we do so well as STIRIXIS Group.

See some of our recognised clients that with our touch of our Designing Services, we turned their business idea into their ideal business.

Delivering More. That’s our promise. That’s our passion. Since 1996.

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