“We create branded workspaces that boost engagement, increase productivity and bring happiness.”

“Often clients ask us, is it better to have an open plan office or one with a lot of closed areas? As in most of the cases, the correct answer is neither, it’s not binary.

In our projects we always seek to maximize RoI for our clients. And to do so, we create branded workspaces that boost engagement, increase productivity and -yes- bring
happiness to their people.

What we design and achieve at STIRIXIS Group for our clients is a workspace that reflects their values and vision and combine this the best way with the needs and wants of the users of the workspace and its visitors.

So functionality – sure, task or project specific and collaborative spaces- by all means, relaxation and brainstorming and playroom areas – of course. Also telephone and deep focus sound insulated booths and branded, fun to be in canteens.

And all these with an emphasis on user experience, with employee health, safety and wellness in mind. Because we need to control noise, we need to ensure the right light levels and colours or provide clean and scented air at the right temperature.

And at the same time, we have to keep investment cost within budget, keep operational and maintenance costs low and ensure flexibility and adaptability for seasonal or future changes.

A Complex problem? No doubt. Binary? Hell no…

This is why our systems thinking approach has helped us to create award winning workspaces for you in three continents. Workspaces that really work for you.”

Alex Athanassoulas, President & CEO of STIRIXIS Group

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