There is great satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your job well and served the interests and the needs of your clients. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing STIRIXIS Group with their testimonials. Here you can find some of them:

Jan Gustavsson, General Counsel & Director of Strategic Development, Coca-Cola HBC AG:”Based on our previous experiences from working with STIRIXIS Group, we chose STIRIXIS Group for the design of our new offices in Switzerland. The project involved creating modern offices with a layout and branding to fit the culture and values of Coca-Cola HBC. We are very pleased with the result! The STIRIXIS Group’s team not only excelled at the design element but also managed our local contractors within a strict timeline and on budget. We look forward to engaging STIRIXIS Group again on future projects”.

Melina Androutsopoulou, CEO’s Office Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company:”Redesigning and reconstructing our headquarters in Athens has been a surprisingly smooth procedure for us. Both the creative and the construction management team have been very effective, collaborative and highly professional throughout the project execution. The 2-floor project of  1.200 sq. m. in the total area has been completed within only 1 month, in the most time and cost efficient manner! I was pleased to find in STIRIXIS Group, not only creativity and innovation in space design but also functionality, which was very much appreciated by our people that leave and breath in this space every day, proving that the differentiation of the company is the Systemic Approach of their clients’ investments”.

Taizoon Khorakiwala, Partner, Mister Baker – Owner/Founder, SwitzGroup: Mister Baker, established in 1991 has been the #1 celebration cake destination in the UAE ever since. With rising competition, some store sales started declining over the last 5 years, so it was decided that a facelift, or more, was needed.   The objective was to renovate the network of 18 bakeries; to modernize the brand experience and image in-store to appeal to the next generation of consumers. STIRIXIS Group studied the business to invest their inputs in several aspects of operation starting from concept through construction, branding, signage, market research and customer service.   The first two renovations were completed in the last quarter of 2017. They were successful and the other 16 shops have been scheduled for completion within the next 18 months. More than consultants, STIRIXIS Group became partners and stakeholders of Mister Baker. They have been both quality and cost-conscious, ensuring that the company’s interests and the return on investment are prioritized. Above all else, they are professional, dedicated and a pleasure to work with”.


Dionysis Tsitos, Marketing Director, Nova: I consider STIRIXIS Group an essential partner in the project of Nova stores renovation and the development of our new retail store concept. They successfully delivered our scope for a customer-centric, digitalized but yet homey store that offers a superior retail experience of Nova services to our customers. All the persons we have worked with were very helpful, knowledgeable and creative. I would highly recommend STIRIXIS Group for their forward thinking and quality in all aspects of their work”.

  Markos Skevofilax, Managing Director, Bizerba: Stirixis was the chosen partner not only for the redesign of Bizerba Hellas offices in Athens but also for the project of designing our two offices in Thessaloniki and Crete. The aim was to have a unique and recognizable identity for all offices that will communicate our company’s values and long history. It was a challenging project that underwent many changes that Stirixis managed to overcome with excellent results. A big thank you to all of Stirixis team for a great collaboration!”

Katerina Boublini, Member of the Board & Project Manager, The Ecali Club: “How often do you find collaborators or business partners that you want to start planning your next project with them before the first one is finished? This was our case with STIRIXIS Group. A dedicated and innovative team put together by Elena and Alexandros was by our side every step of the way on a complex project of re-designing, restructuring and re-launching a private luxury club. Their 360o approach and the availability of the team 24/7 created the best possible business environment for the execution of the various stages of the project and the development and growth of the business. Most of all, it is refreshing to work with people who inspire you and make you try harder”.

Alexandros Diamantis, Managing Director, MedCity: Having a vast experience in the medical building development & project management, we have been looking for the right partner for a new challenging project in Bucharest. STIRIXIS GROUP delivered with great success the branding, corporate identity and design of the Emerald Medical Center, a start-up in the Romanian private medical field. The wish of the client was to align the excellence of the medical practice with an environment and brand identity that reflects the differentiation and the focus on every single patient. STIRIXIS GROUP paid attention to all details and bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the concept, satisfied Emerald’s needs and expectations. The result is a very pleasant and warm environment for patients and medical professionals having a representative brand identity according to the company’s vision. We, at MedCity, will collaborate in the future with STIRIXIS GROUP and we recommend it also to you. MedCity | The Medical Mall develops dedicated healthcare buildings in Romania, addressed exclusively to medical operators and related services. MedCity offers high standards of medical facilities to the patients and medical professionals, providing deep know-how, experience and understanding of the healthcare industry and we are happy to have found the right partner in STIRIXIS GROUP. Thank you STIRIXIS GROUP Team for this great collaboration and we are looking forward to the next one!”

Ilias Katsoulis, Managing Director, Daikin Hellas: We had the pleasure of working with STIRIXIS Group on our new “Daikin Blue Dealer +” retail concept, the development of which is part of our core strategy towards 2020. The significance of this development for Daikin Hellas was calling for an experienced, innovative and inspirational partner and STIRIXIS Group was proven to be the ideal choice. STIRIXIS Group is very business oriented and their depth approach assures the maximum result. Their deep knowledge of the retail strategy and design business is obvious from the first discussion. We consider STIRIXIS Group leaders in their field and their professionalism was obvious throughout the project. That said, we highly recommend STIRIXIS Group as a valuable partner”.


Stavroula Kallergi, Human Resources – Legal & Compliance Manager 3M Hellas: Working with STIRIXIS is always a unique experience. The high-level aesthetics, innovative ideas and creativity of the STIRIXIS team delivered an excellent result by creating a modern and relaxing environment for 3M people. With simple modern lines and smart solutions, they transformed the existing space into a totally new experience and exceeded all employees’ expectations. On behalf of all of us, a big thank you to the STIRIXIS for their professionalism and collaboration –you turned our vision to reality”.

George Pagonis, General Manager, Playmobil: In 2015 a particularly difficult year we implemented in cooperation with Stirixis a very difficult task to relocate the Company and the creation of new Retail Store and Playground (Playmobil FunPark). On the one hand, the implementation time pressure of the work in less than 60 days and also the general economic situation of that period (July – August, capital controls) created a very difficult environment. Stirixis in this environment proved to be a valuable partner in design – budget monitoring – problem-solving – time accuracy – and the final outcome. We look forward to engaging Stirixis on future projects”.

Pelias Ioannidis, CEO, Omilia: When we first met STIRIXIS Group we did not have any idea how it could ever be so that our workplace would directly reflect on our ideals of hard work, personal excellence and our company’s daring warrior spirit. And believe me, it was no easy task getting the Omilia values, our personal feelings, and our work culture out of our heads and onto the walls of our office! Well, STIRIXIS Group, not only managed to design and overview the construction of a workplace that speaks to our very soul, but they also managed to deliver everything in record time, within budget and at the same time somehow navigate through our crazy wish and constraints lists. Kudos to Alex, Elena, and the STIRIXIS Group wonder team!”

Antonis Zontos, CEO, Kafkas SA: “Having decided to proceed with the Kafkas concept 2020 we had to choose a partner that could capture our strategy and translate it in terms of a facility that would be both impressive and functional. The task of the concept store was challenging because we set to make a radical change in the store experience and raise the industry standards to a level that would solidify our leading position in the years to come. The outcome fully justified our choice of STIRIXIS Group. The new concept, as developed and implemented, projects an overall image of modernity, technology and innovation whereas the colour code conveys an airy and friendly ambience where customers enjoy a unique shopping experience. In this process, STIRIXIS Group quickly came to grips with our strategic and operational priorities and considerations and went on to provide us with fresh ideas and solutions. They worked smoothly and effectively with our people to create something that we are all proud to sign.”


George Labrinos, CEO, GEP: “We recently worked with STIRIXIS Group on the design and construction of our new offices. Their team worked with our requirements and created a design concept that captured the very essence of our corporate identity. I would like to thank the STIRIXIS Group’s team for the professionalism, reliability, expertise and the excellent cooperation we had. Their valuable pieces of advice helped us create the work environment we wanted and envisioned.”

Lambis Tagmatarchis, General Manager, Times of Change: “On behalf of The TOC’ s newly established team I would like to thank STIRIXIS Group for the design and construction of a very nice and functional space where a lot of people will be working in shifts all around the clock, all year round. The project team has been very supportive to all changes in the course of the project and solved all urgent matters efficiently and within very tight deadlines. Additionally, the design and construction of a high-tech studio is a demanding task. STIRIXIS Group excelled in this aspect of the project and can surely include their know-how in this area in the company’s portfolio. Special acknowledgement should be made to the construction manager, Sergios Mantzavinos, who has always been there calm and supportive but also strict and demanding for the best results”.

Kyriakos Kostarelos, Managing Director, Kostarelos SA: Stirixis Group has been a valuable and trustworthy partner in creating, designing and developing the new concept of our retail chain deli stores, the result being an attractive, modern and impressive deli flagship store downtown Athens, aligned with our corporate identity. The essence of the concept resides on the total store’s operational excellence and the focus on customer experience. Therefore, Stirixis Group has supported us in creating, side by side, a valuable asset with the aim to evolve our business presence locally and abroad and it continues to do so, as of today”.

George Theofanidis, Co-Founder and CEO, Kronos: Approaching the 87th year since we started our business we felt the need to get prepared to enter the new era, and for this reason, we sought a partnership that would lead our successful history to the next day. We chose the STIRIXIS Group not only for the aesthetics we wanted to give to our store but also for its overall knowledge and overview of the management of a business. This partnership helped us to redefine our position in the market and create a new path well organised, with a vision towards the future. The refurbishment of the store has highlighted the quality of our products, upgraded our image and approached new customers. Recognizing the challenges of the future and having the skills to be worthy of expectations, we look forward to the future with new goals”.

  Thanasis Karpos, CEO, AutoUnion: STIRIXIS turned our vision into a reality. Both in the planning and execution of the new retail concept of our outlets, STIRIXIS exceeded our expectations. The project team exhibited a knowledge in customer experience and functionality as well as in materials and architecture, both very important for us. The project was completed on time and within budget.  Our new premises, where the new concept was applied as a pilot, are contemporary and have a clear sense of identity”.

George Kypriotis, CEO, Kypriotis Tiles-Sanitary Ware: “With STIRIXIS Group we began our five-year partnership, at first as their suppliers for the private projects they worked on (offices, stores, and residencies). The result went beyond our expectation. It speaks for itself. We had, during the whole process of design and implementation, the chance to live through a thoroughly professional relationship with all the staff of STIRIXIS Group”.

Katerina Emmanouil, Owner, Cuisine: Our collaboration with Stirixis team dates several years back when we worked on the renovation of my family’s patisserie La Cigale. My partners and I decided to trust Stirixis Group once again for creating Cuisine; a food concept with a unique identity and offering. Focusing as much on the design as on the functionality and our budget, Stirixis performed all steps of the project impeccably, resulting in an exceptional store concept and design”.

Manousos Georgopoulos, CEO, Choosing STIRIXIS Group for the design and realization of the concept for the first physical store was anything but random. Given the very successful online presence of our E-shop, we wanted to cooperate with a company that could translate our e-shop success into the first store but also for the next to come. The huge knowledge and expertise of STIRIXIS Group in retail did justify our choice. The result highlights all the successful features of the online store in our small and functional space created and we are confident, that the future cooperation with STIRIXIS Group for our next physical stores will also be of absolute success”.

Letsios George, Owner, Jools: “We worked together with STIRIXIS Group 3 years ago, when The Retail Update – the magazine published twice a year – arrived in our offices and intrigued us. We collaborated first on our kiosk which aimed to be a reference point for our company and the expansion of our sales. For our new starting point – the Jools store line – we couldn’t have gone anywhere else. Corner Jools Attica opened on 1/12/2008 with total success, but what impressed me was something else: on the same day, we agreed with the owner of our new store Jools in Nea Smirni and what seemed impossible was opening in time for the holidays. But STIRIXIS Group within 18 days had completed construction works and we opened the store in time. I will never forget what one of the neighbours said about the ladies civil engineers that worked on the project: “Mr. Letsios, each of them works
like a 5-man team”.


Emerald Medical Center.



Kronos Exquisite Ice-Cream.



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