STIRIXIS Group gets Honoured at
the “Brands with History” event.

Our company was honoured during the event “Brands with History” which recognised the various brands that have established and distinguished themselves in their industries.

As a company with a long history in the market and internationally recognized, STIRIXIS Group earned the praise of its peers and industry professionals for its holistic approach from a plethora of fields such as pharmaceuticals, tourism, and education.

Stirixis groups was honored at the Brands with History event
Stirixis group are internationally recognized as leading Business consultants in Europe
Stirixis Group CEO, Alex Athanassoulas

During his acceptance speech our CEO, Alex Athanassoulas, thanked what he called are “the two most important elements of the company: the team of people working at STIRIXIS Group and our clients”. He went on to quote Shakespeare’s Tempest, saying that: “what’s past is prologue”. We here at STIRIXIS Group, would like to echo that sentiment and remain focused on our goal to change the industry for the better. We will continue to hand over exceptional projects and stay true to our motto: “Always delivering more”.

Presentation on Enhanced customer engagement

2017 Athens Customer Experience Festival.




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