A Vibrant, Functional and
Fast Service Retail Concept.

STIRIXIS Group created an attractive, modern, easily adaptable retail concept, including architectural and branding design, for AutoUnion’s retail network across Greece.

The redesigned store now showcases an upgraded customer experience, enabling fast service, solving functionality and cross-selling capabilities including technology to assist operations and centralize information. The specially designed area for the kids, as well as the waiting area, ensure a pleasant stay for the family, while the main client is headed to the personnel’s booths.

We created a concept where the brand’s logo and colors were the main elements of inspiration. The overall ambiance is open and vibrant and, together with the signage and environmental graphics, creates a modern and welcoming atmosphere. All features of the space enhance the solid and
distinct retail identity.

“STIRIXIS Group turned our vision into a reality. Both in the planning and execution of the new retail concept of our outlets, STIRIXIS Group exceeded our expectations. The project team exhibited knowledge in customer experience and functionality as well as in materials and architecture, both very important for us. The project was completed on time and within budget.  Our new premises, where the new concept was applied as a pilot,
are contemporary and have a clear sense of identity”.

Thanasis Karpos, CEO, AutoUnion

Alex on Design and RoI.




St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel.