A New Canteen
to be Proud of.

For the specific project, STIRIXIS Group services consisted of strategic consulting servicesarchitectural design, and environmental graphic designs to enrich the ambience of the common area.

The result from the placement of all architectural elements and the environmental graphic designs, was the delivery of a concept that was both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, creating a homey environment for its employees to spend their lunch break, create, network and bond, or even carry out informal meetings.

Beautiful environmental graphics - 3M Canteen
Office design - 3M Canteen
Office space design - 3M Canteen
Interior decoration - 3M Canteen

“Working with STIRIXIS Group is always a unique experience. The high-level aesthetics, innovative ideas and creativity of STIRIXIS Group’s team delivered an excellent result by creating a modern and relaxing environment for 3M people. With simple modern lines and smart solutions, they transformed the existing space to a totally new experience and exceeded all employees’ expectations. On behalf of all of us a big thank you to STIRIXIS Group for their professionalism and collaboration –you turned our vision to reality.”

Stavroula Kallergi, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance Manager, 3M Hellas

Insiders Perspective

Running on a tight schedule, start to finish, the project took 82 days to complete.The first step was to analyze the business model of the particular company while also accounting for its existing branding strategy. Once our consultants had narrowed down the company’s brand identity, our architectural and interior design team came up with an interior design plan that best matched 3M’s brand image.
Our concept aimed at enhancing functionality and aesthetics in a way that would increase employee happiness, satisfaction and loyalty. The concept called for creating an area within the workspace where employees could feel relaxed and socialize as if they were outside of the work environment. The use of vibrant environmental graphics was the key factor in achieving the desired effect.

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