“We need to work together hard to achieve results.”

STIRIXIS Group was honoured at the 1st International Hellenic Gastronomy Conference 2018 “Greek Taste Beyond Borders”, which was realized under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Economy and Development, at the Athens Concert Hall, on March 5th  ,the first International Forum & Expo for premium concepts and brands related to Greek gastronomy and Gastronomic tourism.

Our President and CEO, Alex Athanassoulas, gave the keynote speech on Strategy and Branding titled “The importance of strategical Branding in Gastronomy”, where he underlined the importance of developing a business plan, strategical and focused, within a holistic system of Greek Gastronomy and its Brands in order to achieve remarkable, sustainable and measurable results. “We need to work together hard to achieve results” he stressed to all participants to continue saying, “sustainable success is only the result of a relentless execution of a clearly defined Strategy.

The Conference marked the launch of a platform that aims at creating a strong network of remarkable businesses in the industry through the development of a holistic branding strategy. The result is aimed to be the increase of their efficiency and performance as well as their worldwide visibility, brand identity and the awareness of the unique Greek Gastronomy.

Additionally, Alex participated in 4 panels of “Greek Taste Beyond Borders” with other internationally prominent experts, producers, chefs, restaurant owners, and entrepreneurs. Great importance was given to the cross-collaboration between all related businesses and institutions. The need for appropriate and systemic promotion of the Greek Gastronomy through all channels was strongly emphasized in all panels.

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