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In the last 23 years, STIRIXIS Group has experienced different cases and requests to be solved in the pharmacies.

From pharmacy full design, from scratch, as it is the example of Siampi Pharmacy in Porto Rafti and Dr. Pharmacy, chain of stores, concept adaptation in a new location, to pharmacy renovation and “face-lift”, as it the example of Remedi Pharmacy in Glyfada region, in Athens and branding. Furthermore, we have studied and designed a unified signage system for the pharmacies that form the strategic partners of L’ Oréal Cosmetic Active multinational company.

All the above projects started with the strategic analysis of the specific case, to receive then the design and construction services as well as the integrated and bespoke consulting services for effective business management, communication, and promotion.

Some examples of the pharmacies lately delivered:

  • Siampi Pharmacy.

One of the oldest pharmacies in Porto-Rafti region, needed to relocate. The pharmacy has just passed to the new generation and a brand-new concept is decided to be created in consistency with the values and history of the brand.

The feeling of wellness and well-being constituted the main ideas of the concept designed. A circular customer journey is created, while abiding with the architectural constraints of the environment. A strategic categorization of all the products is made, in order to facilitate the in-store experience. Technology and signage system are fully exploited, resulting in an elegant, and modern environment.

  • Dr. Pharmacy.

Dr. Pharmacy has already 5 successful pharmacies in Attica and Mykonos island. The company has rented the sixth spot in the area of Nea Smyrni, Greece and needed the architectural design for the new space. However, the previously developed concept had to be revised and some adjustments should be made to ameliorate the concept in terms of flexibility and retail best practices.

The brand’s strategic goals have been studied, and a layout has been designed to respond to its retail needs and concept. The customer journey has been deeply analysed to offer a unique experience to the visitors, whilst offering a functional environment for the employees. The brand identity is kept consistent with the main concept principles, with some elements further promoted to stand out from competitors of the area.

  • Remedi Pharmacy.

A new pharmacy in the center of Glyfada, with a characteristic and impressive design. The specific pharmacy needed corrective alterations to increase sales. The retail character of the pharmacy has been analysed. The customer journey was radically changed to offer a more extensive journey inside the store, and further boost some retail zones in-store. The categorization of the products changed, to offer a more complete experience to the customers. Tailor-made furniture are designed to truly respond to the needs of the pharmacy. Finally, a new brand identity is created; a new logo is designed, with a complete brand architecture analysis. All the applications related to the pharmacy are created, resulting in a new, fresh concept.

  • L’ Oréal Active Cosmetic.

L’ Oréal Active Cosmetic, the world’s largest cosmetics company, after in-depth customer surveys and its thorough retail experience, addressed to STIRIXIS Group, to design and launch a unified signage system for pharmacies. The main objective of the specific project was to optimize through the new look and feel and corresponding signage the in-store shopping experience. Together with L’ Oréal Active Cosmetic, we analysed the strategic goals and needs for the specific signage system and designed all the graphics and signs, leading to an extensive Manual with all the signage system guidelines.

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