STIRIXIS Group celebrates 25 Years of excellence, innovation and accolades!

2021 marks 25 years since the conception of STIRIXIS Group! During many years of presence in Greece and abroad, STIRIXIS Group constantly proves its deep commitment to our clients’ goals and the passion with which we complete each project making it unique and efficient.

25 Years Workplaces

STIRIXIS was founded in 1996 as a construction company. Ten years later, in 2006, we transformed into a purely service-oriented company, providing pioneering holistic concept-building services. In 2008, STIRIXIS expanded to Romania while in 2010 we also introduce a new business unit, “STIRIXIS Exclusive” for private homes. We eventually opened our offices in England in 2013 and acquired an international presence in 2016, extending not only to European countries but also to several countries in Asia and Africa. Today, the company is – despite a pandemic crisis- on a growth trajectory, and aims to gain a permanent presence in the Middle East and Africa within the next decade, two important markets in which it has successfully captured in recent years.

Alex Athanassoulas, President and CEO of STIRIXIS Group, referring to our 25th anniversary, said: “Our company is a project of persistent progress and dedication for all our people worldwide, whom I would like to thank warmly. During “easy” times, but mostly “difficult”, we have fought together with our team’s people for our clients, as only a uniquely focused team knows how to do, always maintaining a positive and innovative manner of thinking. And it is precisely this way of thinking that makes this journey so beautiful for everyone. Since 1996, we have completed more than 700 projects in 25 countries and have been honored with many international awards. But the greatest satisfaction lies in the close and strong relationships we develop with our clients and the joy we see them get when their dream comes true “.