Melinikon is a pancake house that operates in the centre of Athens. After a few months of operation, the store’s owner turned to STIRIXIS Group for consultation on how the store would be more successful. One of the requirements was to enhance its positioning as a takeaway option store.

Since the pancake concept is a quite original idea for that specific geographical market, STIRIXIS Group focused mainly on fine-tuning of the store’s operations and the improvement of its functionality. Besides that, we also suggested improvements in the design and decoration
to fit local preferences.

The solutions provided were to move the bar from behind the stairs, towards the entrance of the store, to add stands with stools outside the pancake house to promote orders to go and at the same time serve the hastier customers and increase to the sitting area inside the store.

“Our collaboration with STIRIXIS Group was quite creative and constructive from the beginning. With great success, they managed to focus on the operational downsides of the store and proposing smart and cost-effective solutions, they took the existing space and transformed
it into a functional store.”

Fotis Kokosioulis, Owner, Melinikon

Artou Estia.