Retail Network.

Daikin Hellas wanted to find the most strategically suitable place to launch its first “Blue Dealer+” store, using a concept that would be adopted by the different dealers of its network. When STIRIXIS Group entered the picture, we offered branding solutions and delivered on all fronts.

Blue Dealer+ store at Pireus 

The concept created has to be complete, but also customisable depending on the different dealer level. Additionally, the new concept is designed to satisfy the needs of the brand’s two different target groups; professionals (B2B, architects, small to medium construction companies, small businesses) – and end customers (B2C, mostly residential customers), that both visit the store.

Blue Dealer+ store at Corfu

The idea is to create a warm and welcoming environment. Daikin’s position as the provider of solutions for a good quality of life should be transmitted effectively. The main aspects as perceived by the clients are the innovative character of the brand,
the eco-friendly products, and the high-quality products.

Already the concept is in full operation in a variety of locations across the country, with many new implementations lined up for the future!

“We had the pleasure  of  working  with  STIRIXIS  Group  on  our  new Daikin  Blue  Dealer+  retail concept, the development of which is part of our core strategy towards 2020. The significance of this development for Daikin Hellas was  calling  for  an  experienced,  innovative  and  inspirational  partner and STIRIXIS Group was proven to be the ideal choice.  STIRIXIS Group is very business oriented and their  depth  approach  assures  the  maximum  result. Their deep knowledge of the retail strategy and design business is obvious from the first discussion. We consider STIRIXIS Group leaders in their field and their professionalism was obvious throughout the project. That said, we highly recommend STIRIXIS Group as a valuable partner.”

Ilias Katsoulis, Managing Director, Daikin Hellas

Daikin Hellas New Concept Unveiling.